Advanced Planning & Scheduling for Metals Industry


Our customers regularly achieve an improvement of their operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. This is mainly manifested by improvements of the following:

Maximized business performance
and customer satisfaction

Do the right things at the right time: become a reliable and flexible supplier for your customers. Gain the ability to leverage sales opportunities in the most advantageous way possible. Promise reliable order due dates and reduce the response times to a customer’s request.

Maximized efficiency of manufacturing
and the order fulfillment process

Maximize operational efficiency of the order fulfillment process thanks to a clear vision of all requirements of an order for material and processing. Learn to ensure order fulfillment in an extraordinarily efficient manner that improves throughput, inventory turnover and the overall visibility throughout manufacturing and maximizes the economic effectiveness of shop floor operations.

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Designed for Demanding Planning Environments

LOGIS Planner has been designed for what we call Demanding Planning Environments, which are distinguished by an extensive scope of planned production, high uniqueness, high volatility and so forth. The need to consider all metals-specific constraints in planning, to effectively plan production in a team, or to extensively customize the planning system to be a perfect fit for the company – all of these are related to production planning in the Metals industry. LOGIS Planner is equipped with revolutionary technologies able to satisfy all these challenges. ⇢ More on Demanding Planning Environments

Specific implementations of the LOGIS Planner suite naturally differ from one another, just as no two steel plants exist that are identical. In practice, the solution is tailored by combining the individual modules of the LOGIS Planner suite which best satisfy the needs of the given enterprise.

Sales & Operations Planning

Create a single integrated sales plan, typically on the horizon of 6-12 months, based on the operations, sales and financial plans, that is aligned with the needs of everyone involved.

Order Book Management

Ensure reliable order quoting and actively manage booked product volume capacities.

Production Planning & Scheduling

Manage everyday manufacturing efficiently, reliably and flexibly – from allocating material to orders, through capacity planning, to detailed scheduling of casting and rolling mill operations.

Examples of our projects

LOGIS Planner can be used both for planning of relatively simple local operations (continuous casting, a hot rolling mill, a tube mill, etc.) as well as for planning of complete and complex material flows that require deployment of multiple tools and their customization to meet company-specific requirements.

JFE Steel
Nippon Steel
Třinecké železárny

JFE Steel has decided to innovate its company-wide planning system to become able to quickly respond to situation changes and to manage the balance of the entire enterprise. The LOGIS solution offers both the system functions applicable to standard processes, as well as the flexibility and extensibility based on customer-specific requirements. I now see LOGIS as our most valuable partner.

Takahiro Okawara, Deputy Manager, Business Process Innovation Team, JFE Steel

We have visited many suppliers of planning systems around the globe. In the end, we have concluded that the LOGIS product suits our needs the best. Thanks to deploying LOGIS Production Planner, we have gained a planning system that we can modify according to our specific needs and implement it entirely according to our desires. This proved to be an effective approach. This way, we did not have to worry about disclosing our know-how and have avoided getting too dependent on the supplier at the same time. Our expectations in this regard were fulfilled completely.

Kyosuke Hayakawa, Senior Manager System Planning Dept., Production & Technical Control Div., Nippon Steel

Simply: Great Success. LOGIS is very capable and a reliable innovative partner, with which we can solve anything we were not able to do anything about so far.

William P. Bryan, EVP Supply Chain & IT, TimkenSteel

Our focus on the automotive industry, supplies directly to the end users, plus the dynamic development of the portfolio of producer steel grades – all that causes the demands on customer satisfaction to increase. However, we did not want to satisfy those while reducing operational efficiency. Thanks to our planning system, we’re able to supply exactly on time while keeping very high operational efficiency. Especially in critical market conditions, we consider the APS system to be a competitive advantage.

Bohuslav Sikora, Production Manager, Trinecke Zelezarny


LOGIS is a producer and supplier of Advanced Planning & Scheduling systems (APS) and Sales & Operations Planning systems (S&OP) for companies in the Metals Industry and Discrete Manufacturing industries (machinery, automotive, etc.). LOGIS has implemented over 100 APS projects in the last 25 years. Our customers range from relatively small local producers to extremely large manufacturing enterprises in demanding planning environments.

The achieved results exceed the industry average in the long term
APS team
with worldwide experience
25+ years of experience
with APS projects

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