Advanced Planning & Scheduling for Discrete Manufacturing


Our customers regularly achieve an improvement of their operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. This is mainly manifested by improvements of these KPIs:

Improved customer due date performance

Shortened delivery lead times

Reduced volume of material
on stock and increased turnover

Shortened response times to customer’s inquiry

Who do we work for?

Discrete manufacturers (machinery, automotive, etc.) with serial, small-lot or make-to-order production, including investment machinery. Our customers are companies on the scale below.

Regular manufacturing companies

Discrete manufacturers where quality planning can work while taking the usual constraints into account – those that can be found in most discrete manufacturing companies.

A standard pre-configured software can be applied during the implementation. Implementation is, therefore, mainly focused on ensuring that the right data is provided to the planning system through a standard interface, the team of users is trained, and necessary parameters are set and/or process changes take place as required by the situation of the given customer.

This enables the customer to obtain a powerful planning system in a highly efficient way at an attractive price.

For this type of project, the Standard license class is sufficient.




Highly specific discrete manufacturers

Companies with discrete or mixed manufacturing where high-quality planning requires taking very specific constraints into account – constraints that are not present in most other companies.

The implementation may be based on a standard software while taking the highly specific constraints into account and is almost certainly not possible with parametrization only. This dictates the use of developed customizations; the software can, thus, be modified or extended by completely new features. Development of customizations is supported by LOGIS Development Studio.

This makes it possible even for a company in the so-called Demanding Planning Environment to obtain a highly powerful planning system. Understandably, implementation of a specific planning system is more demanding compared to systems for regular manufacturing companies.

This type of project is usually covered by Enterprise or Ultimate license classes.


Solution profile

Reliable Advanced Planning & Scheduling

  • A robust solution customizable for a wide range of industries and business objectives
  • Detailed shift-by-shift planning on the near-term horizon and a strategic forecast of capacity utilization and material requirements even on the horizon of several years in a single environment
  • Determining reliable due dates for orders and continuous verification of respecting them
  • Ability to generate order data – a replacement of MRP with an advanced configurable logic of assigning material to requirements and creation of relations between manufacturing orders, customer orders and material on stock (so-called “pegging”)
  • Support of deep BOM structures, batching, campaigns and alternative resources and workflows, multi-level scheduling and many other features
  • Ability to generate purchasing recommendations and recommendations for modifying existing purchase orders with immediate reflection in customer requirements while respecting the defined stock safety levels
  • Powerful and fast memory-resident planning core capable of generating a production plan and responding to changes in real time
  • Advanced scalability – a solution applicable even to extremely demanding planning environments
  • Smooth integration with enterprise ERP and MES systems through a standardized data interface, with the ability to update data during the planning cycle (“Net Change”)


  • Highly customizable user interface
  • Evaluation of the plan quality based on configurable KPIs
  • “What-if” analysis, allowing the planners to quickly assess the effect of considered changes on the plan, to store individual plan variants and to consequently propagate into ERP the most advantageous variant considering the plan KPIs
  • Support of efficient team planning
  • Planning logic, including the planning algorithms, fully customizable to suit specific needs
  • Ability to adapt to changes in the IT infrastructure – replacing the ERP or other components causes no problems in the case of a functional APS system
  • Ability to flexibly develop the system to adapt to changing conditions within the company


A reliable and powerful planning system helps discrete manufacturers to operate efficiently and reliably on several levels, mainly the following:

General Director

Improved corporate competitiveness and operational efficiency:

  • Ability to manage an increase in the volume and complexity of production
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved operational efficiency

Production Director

More flexible and reliable responses to the changes in requirements put on manufacturing:

  • Quick responses to changes in the situation
  • Reduced amount of operational management on the shop floor
  • Ability to promise a realistic due date to the sales team
  • Improved coordination of the purchasing-manufacturing-sales process

Chief Planner

A precise, advantageous and feasible plan available at all times.

  • Interconnected material and capacity planning, including the ability to consider specific constraints
  • Synchronized work queues per manufacturing resource
  • Improved visibility throughout manufacturing


LOGIS is a producer and supplier of Advanced Planning & Scheduling systems (APS) and Sales & Operations Planning systems (S&OP) for companies in discrete manufacturing (machinery, automotive, etc.) and the metals industry. LOGIS has implemented over 100 APS projects in the last 25 years. Our customers range from relatively small local producers to extremely complex, large-scale manufacturing enterprises in demanding planning environments.

The achieved results exceed the industry average in the long term
APS team with worldwide experience
25+ years of experience with APS projects


The quality of our advanced production planning projects is proven by their successful deployment in many leading industrial manufacturers. The logos below are an example of some of them.

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