Production planning in the automotive environment using advanced technologies

Today already a traditional supplier of moulded panels predominantly for the automotive industry, the company MS technik s.r.o., applies advanced production scheduling (APS) to enhance its operational efficiency. The implementation partner will be the LOGIS company.

Šenov u Nového Jičína, 5.1.2012

The project, whose total duration is scheduled for seven months, will cover the complete range of production of MS technik – Pressing shop, Tool room and Galvanizing shop. A significant part of the project will be funded by grants from the program of European Union ICT in enterprises. Proxy-holder and co-owner of the MS technik company Mr. Stanislav Šťastný, CSc justifies the victory of LOGIS in the tendering process: “We expected that even in the choice of the APS project supplier we will, as usual, have to look for a compromise between high quality and reasonable price. I was positively surprised by the offer from LOGIS. Its solution can be labelled state-of-the-art without exaggeration, yet the price of the project is acceptable for us. Actual costs will be reduced also by a grant from the ICT program in enterprises, for which we as a company belonging to the category of medium-sized companies, applied, an which was already approved. “The automotive industry is a segment that is facing tremendous competitive pressures that make the industry profit margins squeezed to a minimum and high quality is considered to be commonplace, as well as 100% term compliance with customer requirements. It is the situation on the market on which we operate that is forcing us to implement measures thanks to which we can face the competitive pressures mentioned. The advanced planning project launched at the end of 2011 aims to maintain and secure our excellent term reliability of deliveries towards the customers while optimizing internal operational efficiency of MS technik. I believe that the hitherto results of LOGIS in this area are enough to guarantee success of the project implemented by us.” The Sales Director of LOGIS, Mr. Prokop Havlík evaluates the hitherto cooperation: “Despite tough market conditions the MS technik thrives to grow since its foundation in 2001 continuously and in recent years it succeeded in reaching annual sales exceeding 300 million CZK. If the demand does not fall globally, I believe that the development of turnover of MS technik will continue to maintain its rising trend. In this context, I appreciate the management’s decision to choose a solution that not only covers the actual needs of the company, but will also be useful in the long term, after a change in conditions reflecting the company growth. In the course of the project a data interface to the corporate information system QI will be created. Implementation of the key part of the interface will be performed by the supplier of ERP system, the company MELZER. “It s already the third project, which incorporates connection of our supplied information system QI and APS solution JDA Factory Planner solution from LOGIS. The frequency of implementation of projects in this configuration shows that it is an interesting combination, now also certified, with standardized data links. With regard to the previously well-functioning cooperation, common segment of customers and the relationship of both companies, which is definitely not competitive – rather the contrary, I believe that this is not the last joint project,” adds CEO MELZER Mr. Jan Duba.

About MS technik

The company MS technik spol. s r.o. already since its establishment in 2001 focuses its activities mainly on the automotive industry. MS technik consists of two manufacturing plants, in Šenov u Nového Jičína, where the administration of the company is seated and in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm. The company annually creates a good environment for the development of employment opportunities in the region. In addition to that it significantly develops activities on domestic and foreign markets.


LOGIS is a supplier of expert services and information technologies focused on improving the quality of management and competitive strengths of the customer enterprises. The supplies are realized in the form of projects with the aim of increasing management efficiency and developing business successes of the customers’ enterprises. Within its solutions, LOGIS applies advanced management and planning methods and procedures (best practices), including highly efficient information technologies from the field of supply chain management (SCM) and advanced planning and scheduling (APS).