Implementation of APS in company MEDIN

MEDIN, a.s. a traditional Czech manufacturer of medical instruments decided to support the efficiency of its management system by use of advanced planning technologies (APS). The implementation partner of this project is company LOGIS. During the project, whose completion is planned to the end of this years, will be implemented the APS system i2 Factory Planner.

Nové Město na Moravě, 15/4/2008

Velocity, reliability and flexibility in supplies of medical instruments

On 15th April 2008 the MEDIN company started the project of the APS system i2 Factory Planner implementation. The project will be implemented in three stages with total duration of 7 months. Mr. Vladislav Ostrejš, MBA, the managing director of the plant states the following to the reasons of the project implementation: “MEDIN is generally known by high quality of its products. Furthermore we want to offer to our customers also high quality services, especially shorter delivery terms with higher time-reliability of supplies. We would like to effectuate nearly all the supplies that we provide on the order basis already within 2 days from ordering date. Our goal in deliveries of contractually agreed supplies is 100% fulfilment, with possible delay just in a completely extraordinary situation. In order to be able to achieve these goals we decided to invest into the development of our management system which will be this year enhanced by an advanced planning system. However, the increased customer satisfaction is not the only goal, for which we have decided to invest into the advanced planning project. Another area, in which we feel the opportunity, is the improvement of operational efficiency of our company. Above all, we are interested in the increase of throughput, where our objective is the throughput increase 10% achieved with the presently existing company resources. In selection process of supplier and solution we decided for LOGIS, which has more than ten-year experience with the implementation of the top APS solutions from i2 Technologies Inc. The results of projects implemented by LOGIS in a series of Czech manufacturing plants or abroad are remarkable. We believe that also in our company LOGIS will succeed in achieving of effects that will contribute to the growth of our competitive strength.” “Practically in every field of production the manufacturers are exposed to still more demanding requirements of their customers” says Mr. Dalibor Konvička, managing director of LOGIS and continues: “Especially the requirements for velocity, due date performance and reliability of supplies increase. However, the price paid for better service to customers must not afflict the economic results of the company. Still, the overwhelming majority of producers can not achieve such goal without substantial increase of the efficiency of their management system. In recent years the advanced planning technologies are applied more often to increase the efficiency of management, to manage the growing complexity and dynamics of order fulfilment. We are pleased that the MEDIN has joined the enterprises, for which our technology and know-how represent an opportunity for future development of the enterprise.”


MEDIN, a.s. is a traditional Czech manufacturer of medical instruments. Decisive share of production and sales form the tools for stomatology, special surgery, traumatological implants and total joint protheses. The main goal of the company is to become a modern European company operating on the global market, able to foresee the needs of its customers and adapt to them by the continuously improving system of the services provided.


LOGIS is a supplier of expertise services and information technologies. The deliveries are executed in the form of projects aiming at improvement of management effectiveness and development of business success at the customers’ businesses. Within the framework of their solutions, LOGIS applies advanced managing and planning methods and procedures, including high-performance information technologies in the field of Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS).