Global leader in production of professional illumination technology implements a production management and planning with LOGIS

The company ROBE lighting s.r.o., leading global producer of mobile illumination technology used for illumination of scenes of concerts, theatre performances and other cultural events, initiated a project focused on increase of performance of corporate processes.

Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, 23/2/2010

e goal of the project shall be gradually fulfilled during a seven-month project, during which i2 Factory Planner, a tool for advanced planning and scheduling (APS) was used, as well as changes in the production planning process took place. Implementation of this demanding project was entrusted to LOGIS. „Our company ROBE lighting has already since its founding in 1993 been intensively developing, during the first twenty years of existence we have penetrated into the global top in our field of expertise; we belong to the three most important players in this branch of business. Our current position is a result of extraordinary standard of service, which we provide to our customers – we supply products of unique quality and top technological level to the market. We see a more significant potential for improvement and growth in last years in our internal efficiency. We have therefore already for a longer time been searching for a partner for this area on the market, in whom we would not have any doubts about his offering of only of a tool of globally accepted quality, but having also sufficient experience and positive references on an international level. I have to admit that we were surprised at the fact that we can find such partner only a half an hour drive from our seat in nearby Frenštát pod Radhoštěm. It is the LOGIS company. Its references in a series of domestic as well as global industrial enterprises lead us to believe that mutual cooperation will lead to common goal – increase of operational efficiency of ROBE lighting,” says Ladislav Petřek, the founder and co-owner of the company. Dalibor Konvička, managing director of the LOGIS Company adds: “We appreciate cooperation with ROBE lighting very much; we are always pleased by a possibility to cooperate with somebody, who managed to win recognition on global level. In our field of expertise we strive for achievement of the same and we believe that the cooperation will be inspiring in many aspects also for us. During the APS project we will create an interface for a corporate information system Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The supplier of the corporate information system PROVIS will participate in this step in a significant manner.

About ROBE lighting

Robe lighting is seated in the Czech Republic and manufactures innovative, high-quality mobile illumination and digital lighting products for professional entertainment and leisure time, architectonical and appearance-oriented industry.


LOGIS is a supplier of expert services and information technologies focused on improving the quality of management and competitive strengths of the customer enterprises. The supplies are realized in the form of projects with the aim of increasing management efficiency and developing business successes of the customers’ enterprises. Within its solutions, LOGIS applies advanced management and planning methods and procedures (best practices), including highly efficient information technologies from the field of supply chain management (SCM) and advanced planning and scheduling (APS).