BONATRANS enhance their operating effectiveness

BONATRANS GROUP a.s., the largest European producer of rail wheels and wheel sets, will deploy the Advanced Planning and Scheduling technologies (APS) to increase their job realization process throughput and use their market opportunities even better. The i2 Factory Planner system from i2 Technologies will be implemented by LOGIS company in the course of 2008.

Bohumín, 17/4/2008.

Peak APS system to increase main business process performance

BONATRANS GROUP a.s., is the greatest European manufacturer of rail wheels and wheel sets. BONATRANS GROUP a.s. export an overwhelming majority of their products to more than 70 world countries. Bonatrans are systematically working on the ability to supply high-quality production is continuously growing volumes. Indeed, these efforts require investments in manufacturing capacities and control system. Currently, the implementation of the Advanced Planning and Scheduling represents the most significant investment focused on improvement of the management system efficiency. Ing. Pavel Lazar, MBA, General Director and member of the Board of Directors of BONATRANS GROUP a.s. comments this intent as follows: „The main goal of this project is enhanced production throughput. This means that we want to be able to make even more production volumes than so far using the same resources. This will only be possible if we substantially increase the efficiency of our management system. However, the potential of our existing management system tools have already been exhausted. Therefore, we are purchasing the APS system enabling us to compile high-quality plans. Thanks to them we shall then we able with higher accuracy and effectiveness to coordinate our activities associated with job-order realization. We pursue success with high level of commitment and we do not admit we might not achieve our goal. Our supplier selection criteria were also subject to this. Who aims as high as us must not leave anything to chance – he/she must work with the best, cannot afford an average. The results achieved by LOGIS when implementing the APS systems from i2 Technologies production and extraordinary and are unparalleled in our region. Our choice is clear.“ „We are glad we have an opportunity to work with someone so committed and remarkably growth-focused“, says Ing. Dalibor Konvička, Chief Executive Officer of LOGIS company. „We can show a remarkable extent of tenacity too. And because teams tuned in this way will have state-of-the-art technologies available and will be able to use decades of our experience with APS technology implementations, we do not admit other result than success. I believe Bonatrans will become one of our clients who have managed to make best profit from APS technologies.“


BONATRANS GROUP a.s., is a modern and prosperous corporation, being the greatest European manufacturer of rail wheels and wheel sets. BONATRANS GROUP a.s. export an overwhelming majority of their products to more than 70 world countries.


LOGIS is a supplier of expertise services and information technologies. The deliveries are executed in the form of projects aiming at improvement of management effectiveness and development of business success at the customers’ businesses. Within the framework of their solutions, LOGIS applies advanced managing and planning methods and procedures, including high-performance information technologies in the field of Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS).