BAST invests in the increase of efficiency of production planning and management process

The company BAST, s.r.o., processor and producer of plate parts, weldments and bodies for railway vehicles, will in the following six months implement a project focused on the efficiency increase of planning process using their advanced planning system (APS) i2 Factory Planner. The project will be implemented under the lead of LOGIS company.

Moravské Budějovice, 15/4/2010

BAST, s.r.o. belongs already many years to successful suppliers of spare parts and sets for groups like SIEMENS, ALSTOM or BOMBARDIER. “Absolute necessity for long-term maintenance of this position is not only perfect product quality, but also increasing efficiency of the planning and management process allowing for permanent improvement of parameters of the customer service and operational efficiency,” says Mr. Miroslav Bazala, executive head and co-owner of the company. He ads that it would be hardly achievable without continuous increase of efficiency of the corporate processes. Mr. Miroslav Bazala further clarifies his decision: “In recent years we have been investing significant means in the growth of our company. With regard to the fact that basic information systems (ERP) are not able to efficiently support the process of planning and management of the realization of job orders, we gradually tried several systems for planning support of the APS category. Unfortunately the only thing we achieved was the improvement of the quality of database in our ERP system, however not the expected improvement of the planning process support. Our expectation was and is to have a highly efficient planning system able to consider all the substantial limitations (capacities, material, preparations, staff etc.), the system that is able to prepare quality plants well and usable to advantage for the management processes. This all also with the possibility of fast re-planning and verification of realistic term of delivery – these are also key properties for our company that a planning system should have. In the course of last weeks we have been facing the decision whether we will wait further years and try to develop our existing planning system without clear cut guarantees of fulfilment of our expectations or invest in quality and proven solution for support of the planning process that has provable results in our field of expertise. We decided for investment in the proven solution by LOGIS, despite the highest acquisition costs. We are however convinced of fast return of this investment not only in the form of better services to our customers, but also in the form of optimization of costs in the area of production logistics. In LOGIS we found an experienced partner with top product i2 Factory Planner and offer of professional services in the area of change of planning process, of which we were convinced by a series of successful references in the Czech Republic. Mr. Tomáš Vojtík, executive director of the LOGIS Company adds: “Negotiations with BAST were unusually fast and efficient. The fact that the company has gone through implementations of various planning support tools is positive for us, because the people in the company have clear and comprehensive idea not only of the goal and benefits of the project, but also of the intensity and changes that will occur during the realization of the project. It is necessary to point out that it is a big challenge also for us to be successful in the environment, where our competitors failed. Concurrently I believe that the demandingness and maturity of the client will contribute to very good results of this project”.

About BAST

The company BAST s.r.o. deals with complex processing of plate and production of steel plate parts. The company was established in 1991 and currently employs around 200 people. In 1999 the company was granted licence for production of parts and bodies for railway vehicles.


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