ARMATURY Group improves planning process and customer service

The company ARMATURY Group implements an advanced production planning project (APS) with the goal of improving the competitiveness of the company. LOGIS is the partner and the implementer of the project and will provide its expert services and advanced planning technologies.

Dolni Benesov, Czech Republic, October 13, 2016

ARMATURY Group is a major producer and supplier of industrial armatures. Beside this , its wide portfolio also spreads across the production of ball valves, metallurgical fittings, butterfly valves, check valves for turbines and also armatures for conventional and the nuclear power industry. The tools used in its production management so far does not suit the ever-increasing requirements of the customers and were unable to respond flexibly to the changes in demand and to the current market situation. The increasing requirements on the shortening of delivery times and the emphasis on due date performance made ARMATURY Group focus its attention on these aspects. LOGIS, the leading provider of advanced planning was chosen as the partner for cooperation on this project.

The financial director of the ARMATURY Group company, Mr. Martin Kusy, says: “The current reduction in oil & gas production forces us to be much more flexible in terms of fulfilling the requirements of our customers, not only because of the increasing pressure on shortening the delivery times, high due date performance, but also because of the pressure on reducing manufacturing costs. Since the current tools for production management and its planning did not allow us to increase the level of customer service and operational efficiency, we decided to cooperate with the LOGIS company, who has rich experience with serial and job-work MTO production and also with projects in our industrial field.” Chairman of the Board, Mr. Jiri Holecek, adds his commentary: “After major investments in the construction and repair of buildings and after purchasing modern manufacturing technologies, we decided to also invest in the management system in order to be able to use the new investments in an efficient way and also to be able to optimally plan and manage the production process in our company. The goal of the project is to be able to timely respond to changes in the market or to changes of our customers’ requirements with a high level of detail and to timely identify possible future threats to our order delivery dates.”

“Our company will apply its rich experience with production planning in the environment of job-work and small-lot MTO production which it gained in tens of implemented projects in the Czech Republic and various foreign countries. Although the implementation of advanced planning projects is one of the most demanding projects implemented in manufacturing enterprises, I can promise that we will use all of our knowledge and experience, also from implementation of advanced planning in an armature-producing environment, to successfully manage this challenge and to achieve the expected results,” said the Executive Director of LOGIS, Mr. Tomas Vojtik.

About ARMATURY Group

The company was created in 2000 by a merger of three companies already operating in the Czech and Slovak markets and builds on the expertise and tradition of valve production in the Opava and Hlucin regions. ARMATURY Group is a major Czech producer of industrial fittings focused on the design, engineering, construction, production and assembly of a wide portfolio for various industrial fields (conventional and nuclear power industry, chemical and petrochemical, mining of oil ↦ gas and water supply). ARMATURY Group is a global player with sales activities not only in Europe, but in Asia, Americas as well as Africa.


LOGIS is a supplier of expert services and information technologies focused on improving the quality of management and competitive strengths of the customer enterprises. The supplies are realized in the form of projects with the aim of increasing management efficiency and developing business successes of the customers’ enterprises. Within its solutions, LOGIS applies advanced management and planning methods and procedures (best practices), including highly efficient information technologies from the field of supply chain management (SCM) and advanced planning and scheduling (APS).