APS at Hayes Lemmerz Autokola: Quickly and Efficiently

The company of Hayes Lemmerz Autokola has implemented and uses the i2 Factory Planner APS system. The LOGIS Company was chosen as the project implementer. The project was implemented at a quick pace and has produced very good results such as inventory reduction and improved customer satisfaction.


The company of Hayes Lemmerz Autokola, a.s., a member of Hayes Lemmerz International, Inc., is a leading car wheel manufacturer and supplier. At the end of 2002, the company of Hayes Lemmerz Autokola decided to implement the i2 Factory Planner system for Advanced Planning and Scheduling. Erich Zipser, the Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Director of Hayes Lemmerz Autokola, comments upon the reasons why the company is implementing the project:”The automobile industry is very demanding and uncompromising. Its suppliers are gradually increasing the demands they lay upon each of the links in the supply chain. Businesses that want to succeed cannot rely merely on their ability to produce products with excellent technical properties and high quality – they must be able to offer more. In the past several years, demands for flexibility, speed, precision and on-time performance, i.e. the level of customer service, have been increasing. A number of customer service parameters are strongly affected by how precisely, smoothly and with what performance the order fulfilment processes are running. Thus, with improved customer service, it is also necessary to improve the operational excellence of the business. These are today´s imperatives. To support the fulfilment thereof, we have decided to apply advanced planning technologies and use them to the benefit of more successful company management.”

  • Better understanding of the ability to meet customer demands and identify related issues with greater time in advance and precision
  • Improved general visibility through connecting Sales-Production-Purchasing processes
  • Improved ability to plan material requirements
  • Improved planning of capacity requirements

Also in the next three-month BR2 stage, we managed to achieve our planned objectives – both in timing and results:

  • Ability to globally optimise plan
  • Prompt response to customer demands
  • What-if plan simulation ? plan variants creation
  • Financial assessment of plan variants
  • Prompt plan updating in response to changing situations

I think we definitely can state that the results achieved meet our expectations.” “Thanks to the advance planning technologies application, the Sales-Production-Purchasing process has become more transparent and consistent´, comments Jiří Adámek, a company Executive Director, and adds: “At the same time, the project strengthened some of our important capacities. For example, avoid potential bottlenecks in production before they occur and take appropriate measures in time, or the ability to plan material requirements with greater precision and with a longer time horizon. It also allowed us to sensitively respond to changing situations. It has reflected favourably in our stock levels – we see here, of course, when measuring in more detail, continuing variations but the long-term stock level has dropped by about 30 percent. Even this result is worth mentioning.”

The final assessment was given by the General Director, Mr.Erich Zipser, again:

“We are glad we have found courage ´to go at it.´ The project results have unambiguously met our expectations. Although it may seem, when looking back, that everything went well and everything was easy, I am aware that a lot of obstacles had to be overcome and many changes had to be implemented during the project. I appreciate the proactive approach of the implementation team, procedures, methodologies and technologies undertaken. We now work more efficiently and with better perspective. We are now able to identify many issues that we faced before – but do so more quickly and in advance, and find solutions for avoiding them. We are able to respond much more quickly and precisely to any change related to the fulfilling orders. Our cooperation with LOGIS helps us develop our abilities and improve. It allows us not only to reduce costs but also strengthen our position as a flexible and reliable link in production chain in the automobile industry.”

About Hayes Lemmerz

ayes Lemmerz International, Inc. is one of the leading global suppliers of automotive and commercial wheels for on-road transport, brakes, power trains, suspension and other relieved components. The company has over 40 plants, and 3 joint ventures with approximately 11, 000 employees. Hayes Lemmerz Autokola, a.s. is a member of Hayes Lemmerz International, Wheels Group. It is a manufacturer of steel wheels for passenger cars. It is a significant supplier of VW, Ford and OPEL. Recently, it has won contracts for deliveries to the new plants of Toyota in Kolín and PSA in Trnava.


LOGIS is a supplier of expertise services and information technologies. The deliveries are executed in the form of projects aiming at improvement of management effectiveness and development of business success at the customers’ businesses. Within the framework of their solutions, LOGIS applies advanced managing and planning methods and procedures, including high-performance information technologies in the field of Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS).