• VOP-026 Šternberk, s.p. implements a system of advanced planning
    VOP-026 Šternberk, s.p., a leading Czech military repair plant have concluded the Agreement on Supply and Implementation of system i2 Factory Planner for advanced planning of production with the LOGIS company.
  • TŘINECKÉ ŽELEZÁRNY Implement Advanced Planning and Scheduling System
    Co-operating with IBM Czech Republic and LOGIS, TŘINECKÉ ŽELEZÁRNY, a.s. (TŽ) are busy pursuing a project involving supplies and implementation of advanced production planning and scheduling. Included in the project are advanced planning and scheduling technologies designed by i2 Technologies Inc. (i2) for metallurgical production. The project is scheduled to be completed by mid-2006 and ...
  • Increasing Major Company Process Performance at ZVVZ
    Co-operating with LOGIS, the South Bohemia based ZVVZ a.s. are implementing a project designed to improve business case process performance. i2 Factory Planner advanced planning and LOGIS Enterprise Manager project planning technologies are employed under the project scheme.
  • Aluminium Konin – Impexmetal S.A. Implements Advanced Planning Technologies
    Aluminium Konin – Impexmetal S.A., the sole Polish Aluminium producer, adopted the intention to implement an Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) system under the scheme of company advancement, intending to make use of i2 Factory Planner solution by the American i2 Technologies. The project shall be taken care of by SPIN, co-operating with their Czech ...
  • TOKOZ has completed the implementation of the Advanced Planning System
    A major supplier of security mechanisms, furniture fittings and building fittings, components for the automotive industry, company TOKOZ, has completed the project of implementation of the Advanced Planning System (APS) i2 Factory Planner. The information technologies have been supplied and implemented by the company LOGIS.
  • APS at Hayes Lemmerz Autokola: Quickly and Efficiently
    The company of Hayes Lemmerz Autokola has implemented and uses the i2 Factory Planner APS system. The LOGIS Company was chosen as the project implementer. The project was implemented at a quick pace and has produced very good results such as inventory reduction and improved customer satisfaction.
  • LOGIS got an order from Blades Technology Ltd.
    The Blades Technology, a top producer of jet engine turbine blades, has ordered the delivery and implementation of the advanced production planning system i2 Factory Planner, from the LOGIS company. The implementation is going to be carried out during the first half of 2005.
  • Hayes Lemmerz Autokola expand APS System Use
    Hayes Lemmerz Autokola have been using i2 Factory Planner in passenger car wheel production planning and control, the company’s key business segment, for more than two years. Following their good experience in operating the present system, the company representatives now consider extending the use of the system to further products, namely forklifts.