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    • LOGIS Master Planner improves efficiency of the Sales & Operations Planning process at TimkenSteel
      TimkenSteel Corporation, a leader in high-quality specialty steel, manufactured components, and supply chain solutions is enjoying the benefits resulting from an Innovation of its Sales & Operations Planning system. The system has been based on the LOGIS Master Planner planning software from the LOGIS company.
    • Sinop SMP has deployed LOGIS Production Planner
      Sinop SMP has deployed the LOGIS Production Planner APS solution into routine operation. This will enable SINOP to fulfill orders faster and reliably on time while maintaining high operational efficiency. The planning system implementation also included integration with the TruTops information system from TRUMPF. This implementation has laid the foundation for commencing a strategic cooperation ...
    • BOHEMIA RINGS has deployed LOGIS Production Planner
      The company BOHEMIA RINGS has recently started to plan production using the APS tool LOGIS Production Planner. Bohemia Rings thus gains the ability to drive production with a plan that closely adheres to the specifics of forging. Following the Trinecte zelezarny steel plant, Kladno billet mill and the VIVA Forge, this is another addition to ...
    • Austin Detonator managing production with LOGIS Production Planner
      Advanced production planning at Austin Detonator is newly utilizing the APS tool LOGIS Production Planner. Two months before the project was planned to finish, Austin Detonator started to use the solution for planning and scheduling of assembly lines and the scope of its utilization is going to expand by additional resources. The company is very ...
    • Successful deployments of LOGIS Production Planner
      Companies BAST, TVD – Technical production and VIVA Forge have replaced their production planning systems with LOGIS Production Planner. The generation innovation now allows more efficient production plans to be prepared, which allow for reliable management of manufacturing and procurement operations in an environment that is significantly more comfortable for planners. This is a copy ...
    • HERN now planning production more efficiently
      The machine engineering company HERN, a producer of weldments for building and construction machines, is enjoying the benefits of deploying an APS solution of LOGIS into its production planning routine since the start of the year. This is to help HERN achieve a higher level of operational efficiency and customer service.
    • Alca plast intends to increase its supplier reliability despite the increase in production volume
      High due date performance is a key condition of long-term strengthening of market position for Alca plast, the biggest producer of sanitary equipment in Central and Eastern Europe. In the course of 2016, the company’s management therefore decided on an investment in an advanced planning project that will create the preconditions for Alca plast to ...
    • ARMATURY Group improves planning process and customer service
      The company ARMATURY Group implements an advanced production planning project (APS) with the goal of improving the competitiveness of the company. LOGIS is the partner and the implementer of the project and will provide its expert services and advanced planning technologies.
    • VSMPO-AVISMA launches New Generation Planning System from LOGIS
      VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation and LOGIS announced a successful go-live of the first stage of building a New Generation Planning system. This marks the completion of the first major step towards the support of high level of Customer Delivery Performance (swiftness, reliability and flexibility of supplies to customers) and growth of Operational Efficiency (improving the economic efficiency ...
    • Improvement of planning processes and KPIs in TVD
      The company TVD is one of the largest manufacturers of sheet metal cabinets in Czech Republic and also the key supplier of these products in energetics, telco and electrical engineering industries throughout Europe. The company benefits from increased competitiveness since the first half of 2015 thanks to a successfully implemented advanced production planning project (APS).