The quality of production planning projects from LOGIS is based on its long-term experience and dedication to achieving above-standard results resulting from utilization of highly efficient methods and tools.

The success of the realized projects is documented by a series of case studies from customers around the globe, some of which are selected below. The information provided is based on our clients’ findings.


Outstanding improvements of customer service and operational efficiency of a world’s leading specialty steel producer thanks to New Generation Advanced Planning technologies.

Simply: Great Success. LOGIS is very capable and a reliable innovative partner, with which we can solve anything we were not able to do anything about so far.

William P. Bryan,
EVP Manufacturing & Supply Chain, TimkenSteel

  • Due Date Delivery Performance increased by 40%
  • Major improvement of operational efficiency

Trinecke Zelezarny

Record-breaking delivery reliability, promptness and flexibility of supply to customers thanks to the advanced planning project from LOGIS.

Especially in critical market conditions, we consider the APS system to be a competitive advantage.

Bohuslav Sikora, Production Manager, TZ

  • On Time Deliveries increased to 98.5%
  • Delayed supplies volume reduced by 50%
  • Tundish utilization improved by 70%


Rapid on time performance increase, major inventory volume reduction and 20% productivity gain thanks to advanced production planning project at rail components producer.

Should I compare the before-and-after state, then we weren’t planning before the APS project.

Miroslav Bazala, Executive, BAST

  • On Time Deliveries increased from 74% to 96%
  • Inventory reduced by 20% during implementation
  • Delivery times reduced from 3 weeks to 1 week


Smooth APS project implementation and adoption quickly followed by a major improvement of delivery performance at a producer of mining locomotives.

The routine operation of the company is unimaginable without APS today.

Petr Mohelnik, Executive Director, Ferrit

  • 5 day lateness turned into 4 day earliness (while the number of produced items increased over 40%)
  • Productivity doubled in 3 years


Improved operational efficiency and customer service at a leading Czech producer of stamping equipment, metal moldings and weldments mainly for automotive.

We wanted a system that would help us with finite-capacity planning and predictions about how to diversify production. We knew LOGIS as a strong global provider and we knew that the probability of their success is very high. Did they fulfill our expectations? Yes.

Pavel Kristofik, Director of the pressing plant, Tawesco

  • Share of delayed orders reduced by 54%
  • Dispatching meetings cancelled as no longer needed
  • Throughput increased
  • Improved order visibility throughout production


The renowned traditional manufacturer of optical equipment achieved major improvements of its operational efficiency and customer service thanks to their APS project.

Our requirements were satisfied the best by the solution from LOGIS. This was no close win – the offered solution won by several tens of points, very much ahead the rest of the competitors.

Vlastimil Cech, Senior Director, Manufacturing
& Supply Chain Management, Meopta – optika

  • Number of overloaded resources reduced by 70+%
  • Delayed orders reduced by 35%
  • Average order delay reduced by 60%


Smooth deployment quickly followed by achieving the desired KPI improvements at one of the largest manufacturers of metal switching cabinets and metal furniture in Czech.

As a manager responsible for manufacturing, I see the incredible value in the reduction of operative adjustments in everyday life.

Miroslav Strnad, Vice-Chairman of the Board, TVD

  • Volume of material on stock reduced by 39%
  • Major reduction of everyday operative management
  • Maintaining a high on-time reliability despite a 30% increase in the number of orders

GE Aviation Czech

Major increase in supplies reliability, throughput increase and production efficiency improvements at aircraft engine producing enterprise.

Without the knowledge and experience of the supplier, it wouldn’t bepossible to achieve these project results.

Vaclav Havlan, Vice-Chairman of BoD,
WALTER ENGINES (GE Aviation Czech)

  • Throughput increased by 45%
  • Backlogs reduced by 80%
  • Material stock optimized
  • Significant WIP reduction


Impressive reduction of delayed material supplies by 47%, supported by 20% employee productivity increase help to achieve high production efficiency at Czech engineering-metallurgical producer of rolling mills and forming machines.

Thanks to the APS system, we’re able to better handle the order fulfillment process.

Miroslav Sabart, Vice-Chairman of BoD, ZDAS

  • Lead times reduced by several tens of percent
  • Stock level decreased (3x for odrders without a requirement)
  • Productivity per employee increased by 20%

T Machinery

A major reduction of production lead times accompanied with inventory reductions of a mining technology producer thanks to the methods and tools of advanced planning.

The project was realized in the agreed scope, time and the planned budget was not exceeded.

Marek Milde, Member of the Board, T Machinery

  • Significant reduction of lead times
  • Reduction of metals material on stock by 32%
  • Production visibility improved

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