Use of cookies

Cookie files and other similar technologies allow us to ensure a better, faster and safer website browsing experience.

To ensure a proper presentation of its content, the website of LOGIS makes use of technologies like cookies and local storage. Although your web browser probably does allow you to block usage of these technologies, the effect, as in most other websites, would be that you would not be able to make use of some functions like language switching from that point forward. More information about these technologies can be found in the user guide of your web browser.

Put simply, these technologies are used for storing your various preferences (like your language preference) and also enable us to monitor in what way our website is used. Using these technologies, the website can store inside your web browser and device some information of insignificant size (several kilobytes at most) which it can find useful as you continue browsing the website. When you return to our website in the future, this information may still be useful and make the web browsing more comfortable for you.

We do not use cookies to collect personal information but they may be used to collect non-personal data to count the number of times you visit our site, compile anonymous statistics on site use, and gather information regarding the type of web browser and operating system used so that we can make sure the website runs without problems on all your devices.