Trinecke Zelezarny

Due Date Performance
increased to 98.5%

while orders are quoted
with a one-day accuracy


Due Date Performance
increased by 40%

accompanied by major
operational efficiency improvements


Lead times reduced
from 3 weeks to 1 week

while productivity was improved
in parallel


Share of late orders
reduced by 54%

while production throughput was increased


Number of overloaded resources
reduced by 70+%

while average order lateness
was reduced by 60%

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Advanced Planning & Scheduling

Our solutions help industrial manufacturers gain a competitive edge thanks to enabling them to supply on time, rapidly and flexibly while ensuring high operational efficiency.

Who are our customers?

Metals companies and discrete manufacturers (machinery, automotive, etc.) with serial, small lot or make-to-order production, including investment machinery. Companies on the scale below:


Non-demanding planning environments

Companies where high-quality planning can be achieved by considering the usual constraints – those that are present in the majority of industrial manufacturers.



Demanding Planning Environments

Companies where high quality planning cannot function without taking highly unique constraints into account – constraints which are not present in most other companies.


A small manufacturing company

A manufacturing company with turnover around 5.000.000 EUR.



A massive manufacturing enterprise

A manufacturing enterprise with turnover in billions of EUR.

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LOGIS is a producer and supplier of Advanced Planning & Scheduling systems (APS) and Sales & Operations Planning systems (S&OP) for companies in the Metals Industry and Discrete Manufacturing industries (machinery, automotive, etc.). LOGIS has implemented over 100 APS projects in the last 25 years. Our customers range from relatively small local producers to extremely large manufacturing enterprises in demanding planning environments.

Advanced Planning & Scheduling

Information systems enabling efficient and reliable order fulfillment.

Experienced expert team

Experience from over 100 APS implementations around the world.

25+ years of experience with APS projects

The achieved results are above the industry average in the long term.